Meet the winemakers: Domain d'Eole (Provence)


The Domaine d'Eole is located in the Provence region in France. This domain, created in 1993 quickly started the transition to organic agriculture. Under the lead of Matthias Wimmer, the wynery has gone through some transformations,  produces red, rosé and white wine, and it is AB certified. 

Since 2018, Ludovic Vançon has been at the domain to support Matthias and eventually take the lead to continue with the story of Domaine d'Eole. 

Recently, we have been thinking quite a lot about this domain as the weather gets warmer, so do the desire for a good and refreshing Rosé. We love it and you'll do too. To buy your Rosé wine in Luxembourg and to be prepared for the summer simply go to: Domaine d'Eole Rosé.

Find below some more info about the winery and their way of working. Do you want to know even more? visit their website:

"Very attentive to our working environment and wishing to preserve its biodiversity for future generations, we have opted for organic viticulture. Thus, since 1996, our vineyards are AB certified and controlled by Ecocert.

Our terroirs are the result of a perpetual search for balance between mistral heat, proportion of limestone pebbles and clay, depth of soil and choice of the optimal grape variety/rootstock pairing. But also the work of our team, who takes care throughout the year of the vines and the land of paradise, which will make our great Provencal wines.

In order to reduce our impact on the planet and its biodiversity as much as possible, since 2020 we have implemented several ecological commitments that are important to us.

These commitments make great wines and making them more righteous is the most important for us!"

Domaine D'Eole

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