Meet the winemakers: Syrah experts - Red wine from Lauraire des Lys.


Lauraire des Lys is a domain located in the Languedoc region in France. The family Khalkhal - Pamies is not only passionate about winemaking but also about respecting "le terroir" their land, their soil in which they practice the organic agriculture. 

The grapes that grow in the domain: Grenache noir, Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault are treated manually without using pesticides, proctectong the environment. This is why Lauraire des Lys wines are certified by Ecocert. 

We love their wines, especially Loriza and we are looking forward to try K'Lybre, their latest cuvée that on top of everything is: Natural wine!!

Below some extrait from their own way of describing Lauraire des Lys, to learn more about them and theis cuvées you can visit: Lauraire des Lys Le Domaine 

"The men and women who make Lauraire des Lys, they are not a tribe or a tradition. They are a family that discovers a domain, on a presumed territory with the theme of a walk. An there begins the adventure: to rehabilitate an old domain, to create the vintages, to name them, to dress them, to find the first customer. The children are small, the knowledge scarce and the skills non-existent. We follow guidelines: cleanliness, work, control of production, protection of the environment, manual harvesting, sorting...

We practice organic farming, controlled by Ecocert. Most of the work is manual; we scratch the soil to avoid destructuring it. No use of pesticides and herbicides.

The production is small, harvested by hand in boxes. The vinification in two words: cleanliness and softness. The harvest is sorted twice, handpicked."

Khalkhal - Pamiés Famimy.

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